I know what it's like to build something out of nothing. Need an extra push to grow your existing business or get a new idea off the ground? Let me help you reach your goals.


Whether  you need a contract or a privacy policy for your website, I have you covered. Cover Your Assets™ with templates designed just for entrepreneurs. Even if you aren't sure which contracts you need (and every official business owner needs good contracts), book a call with me and I can help you figure it out.

Do you have an amazing idea that you would like to turn into a business but not sure where to start? Do you have questions about which business entity is the right choice for your business?  Do you want to talk about protecting your brand with a federal trademark? Schedule a call to get all of your questions answered.

Every business has a trademark but not every business protects the asset.  In order to enjoy the exclusive rights to the use of your brand, a federal trademark is the way to go.  Click the link to get started.

Make It Official: Contract Templates & Books

Online Entrepreneurs

Online Business Contract Bundle

Seven must have contracts for online entrepreneurs.

Included are:

1. Independent Contractor Agreement

2. Confidentiality Agreement

3. Influencer Agreement

4. Podcast Guest Consent Agreement

5. Virtual Assistant Agreement

6. Brand Rep Agreement

7. Photography License Agreement


Official Bundle

My Business Is Official Contract Bundle

So you want to be official, official? Here are five must have contracts for use to ensure your business is official and protected.

Included are:

1. LLC Operating Agreement

2. Non-Disclosure Agreement

3. Service Agreement

4. Non-Compete Agreement

5. Consultant Agreement


Starting a Business

Steps To Start A Business…Officially

A step-by-step checklist guide to starting a small business.  Ideal for those with a sound business idea but no questioning the steps to get started.  Also ideal for entrepreneurs who have already launched a business but just want to make sure all the steps are covered.


The Social Media Influencer

Social Media Influencer Bundle

Are you a Social Media Influencer using social media to market online for other businesses and/or brands? Are you a business owner who uses Social Media Influencers to market your products and services?
Then the Social Media Influencer Bundle Is A Necessity For Your Business and Brand!

The Social Media Influencer Bundle includes:
1. Social Media Influencer Guide explaining the federal laws regulating social media endorsements.
2. Social Media Influencer Contract (Editable Word Document)
3. Social Media Influencer Contract (Sample PDF)


While my partners and I had a sound business idea, we didn’t have the legal background to protect ourselves in our business launch.  Anitria Stevenson and her firm helped us get started with a structure that worked for us.

J.N. Dixon

I’m grateful that I had Ms. Stevenson to help me untangle the issues surrounding my contract.  Her clear and direct advice made all the difference.


CEO, Extra Space


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