Can I Copyright This?

Clients often ask the question, “Can I copyright this?” Most times our new clients have no idea that they could have added copyright protection for their work.  Unfortunately, it’s usually after seeing their work displayed without their permission and most importantly, without compensation, that this realization occurs.  Below is sample of things that we copyright for our clients:

1. Course Content 

2. Logos

3. Photos

4. T-Shirt Designs

5. Jewelry Designs

6. Promotional brochures

7. Website content

8. YouTube Videos

9. Website designs

10. Fashion prints

11. Blog Posts

12. Movies

13. Poems

14. Song lyrics

15. Books

16. Artwork

17. Paintings

18. Architectural works

19. Sound recordings

20. Screenplays

21. Stage Plays

22. Computer Software

23. Articles

24. Essays

25. Advertisements

26. Speeches

27. Scripts

28. Sketches

29. Drawings

30. Cartoons

31. Paintings

32. Sculptures

33. Fashion Designs

34. Live webcasts

35. Podcasts

36. Mp3 files

37. Blueprints

38. Product descriptions

39. Ebooks

40. Music Videos 

Of course, this is only a sample of what can be copyrighted. If you regularly create works that are need of copyright protection, time is of the essence.  The days of mailing yourself a sealed envelop to establish your copyright are long gone.

If you’d like more information on filing for copyright protection, send an email – anitria@entreprelegal.com