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Trademark & Copyright

Our firm will be your voice and hold your hand through the trademark registration process.

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You’ve done all of the hard work to build your brand.

Now you need to protect it!  You’ve probably done all of the research and the process can look very challenging

Not getting the steps right can leave you ripe for copycats and infringement.
The trademark application process doesn’t have to be a daunting task, you just need the right team on your side!

The Benefits?

Regarding your trademark application, I offer three packages. With each package, you’ll get:

Not Cost Prohibitive

A Flat Rate for Trademark Fees (No Nickel and Diming!) 

Always Know Where You Stand

Consistent Communication and Regular Updates

Focused Attention to Your Brand

One-On-One Time and Attention from Your Attorney, Anitria Stevenson, and The Opportunity To Take Advantage of Her Over 20 Plus Years of  Legal Experience.

An Open Door Policy

You’ll Get Unlimited Emails and Calls If You Have Questions Or Concerns During The Process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions we get with regards to trademarking and copyrighting your brand…

How Do I Know if I Need to File for a Federal Trademark?

All businesses have a trademark whether you know it or not.  A trademark secures your brand identity.  Your brand is how consumers recognize your business in the marketplace.  You can trademark your business name, logo, slogans, product packaging, taglines, etc…

You do not have to register in order to have trademark protection.  However, in order to protect your brand from the use by others, you should secure a federal trademark.  A federal trademark gives you exclusive rights to the trademark and will allow you to enforce your rights in court.

What Is the Process to Get a Trademark?

The trademark application process can take over a year to complete.  Utilizing an experienced attorney can help avoid many of the delays associated with the process.

What Are the Classes of Goods and the Fees?

The trademark office issues registrations based on different classes of goods and services. Your trademark package includes the filing fee for one class.  Additional classes will require additional filing fees.

How Will I Know if My Brand Is Eligible For a Federal Trademark Registration?

The comprehensive search will provide the level of risk we will face during the application process. If the search reveals that your application will be high-risk, you can choose to have a free re-branding session or request a refund for the amount you paid for your trademark package, minus the search fee ($500).

What Is a Non-Substantive Office Action?

Office Actions can be substantive or non-substantive in nature. Substantive office actions are issued when the Examining Attorney does not think your application should be approved based on legal grounds. A common example here includes a refusal based on a likelihood of confusion with another previously applied for or registered trademark. Another common example is when the Examining Attorney thinks your trademark is merely descriptive and not entitled to trademark protection. A substantive office action requires you to present a detailed legal argument stating why your mark should be allowed to register.

Non-substantive office actions are typically less complicated such as the need to provide some additional information on your application or for clarification purposes. 

Do You Offer Payment Plans?

Yes.  You may pay for your trademark package in full.  Or you may choose a 30 or 60-day payment plan.  However, your application process will not begin until all fees are paid in full.

Our Process

Registering your trademark makes your brand official. And with that magnificent Certificate of Registration you can get copycats Fired from Facebook, Gone on the ‘Gram, rouge websites taken-down, and take the issue to court when someone illegally uses your trademark.  Why?  Because your federal registration will cover and protect you in all states and provide you with the exclusive rights to use your name. 

The timeline for a successful registration can take up to a year. Therefore, it is critical that your application be filed sooner than later to give you a priority date. The first to file typically wins the rights to the mark.  Additionally, you will want to protect your brand from infringement from other individuals and companies as well.  The exposure that your presence in commerce will bring can always lead to others using your name without permission.

How It Works

Schedule a Free Consult

Our process is simple, easy and jam-packed with valuable expert-driven guidance.  You will have the opportunity to share information about your business, your business needs, and the brand you wanted to trademark.  


Choose a Trademark Service Plan

Our firm will be your voice and hold your hand through the trademark registration process. We’ll provide you with recommendations to empower you with the knowledge you need to make the smart and strategic business decisions necessary to protect your brand.

Reach Your Goals

We believe in long-term client relationships.  We will continue to provide resources and access to additional services to meet maintenance and monitoring requirements after a successful trademark registration.

Trademark Signature Service

One-On-One Time and Attention from Your Attorney, Anitria Stevenson, and the opportunity to take advantage of her over 20 plus years of legal experience.

More Details
  • Trademark Discovery Call,
  • Preliminary Knockout and Comprehensive Search and Report,
  • Consultation To Discuss Search Results,
  • Opinion Letter Regarding The Strength of The Mark and Level of Risk and Rebranding Session (if necessary),
  • Application Filing Which Includes The Filing Fee For One Class of Goods Or Services,
  • Responses to Substantive and Procedural Office Actions from the USPTO, and
  • Delivery of Your Registration Once Received from USPTO.

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